Lori Farr received her Bachelors degree in Photography at the Rochester Institute of Technology, and her Masters of Visual Art at Monash University. Originally from Burlington, Massachusetts, Lori lives and creates in Rochester, New York.

© Lori Farr

A passionate photographer for 30 years, Lori derives her inspiration from a deep sense of the mysteries of life.  "The act of creation connects me to Spirit!"

My work is two-fold.

•  I specialize in People, Product and Environments (natural, architectural & industrial) for the commercial photography market. My clients are  Corporations, Design Firms and Advertising Agencies.

•  I create & sell fine art photographs. My current body of work is titled the "Dancer Collaboration Project". This is an on-going project and is an intimate connection to the art of movement & an unearthly spiritual place.

Photographic  experience